SixFoxWhiskey / The Trichomes / Swimmer

Date: Fri, Mar 13
Showtime: 8:00pm

Price: $12 Standing GA; $20 Balcony Seating; +$2 at Door

SixFoxWhiskey is a jazzy funk-rock quintet out of Boston, MA. With a songwriter feel and jam band chops, they’ve refined a unique sound that is reminiscent of Steely Dan, Percy Hill, and the Dave Matthews Band. The group has been performing live all over the US, bringing  dynamic arrangements, catchy melodies, and improvised jams to the stage since 2016.

Trichomes are leaf hairs, they reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, and reduce water loss. When you touch trichomes the scent sticks to you; much like the music of the band. Melting audible chocolate into your ears, the sticky sounds of The Trichomes are not easily forgotten. Neither are their high-energy funkadelic infused performances.

Swimmer is a Rotten Roll band from Burlington, VT. (“Rotten Roll” is a more nuanced way of saying “Rock N’ Roll and other shit.” “Other shit” is a more nuanced way of saying “jazz, funk, electronica, and other shit.” ) The band  is comprised of Matt Dolliver (keys / saxophone), Cotter Ellis (drums), Joe Agnello (guitar) and Jack Vignone (bass). Since its conception at Plymouth State University, Swimmer has cultivated a fanbase throughout the country through unique, high-energy performances.


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