Winston Churchill: The Blitz

Date: Thu, March 05, 2020
Showtime: 7:30pm


Price: $25 adult; $15 student

Autumn. 1940. London. Never have so many been so inspired by one man heroically leading the British people to victory from a London rooftop.

With more than 4 decades of formidable academic and performance passion,  Randy Otto shatters the imaginary 4th wall and delivers an astonishingly nuanced, humorous, witty, REAL Winston Churchill with gravitas and grit. Be transported from tears to laughter and back again.

The performance includes:

Multimedia includes period film, photos, sound & lighting effects, & pigeons!
Rousing British Music Hall Sing-Along led by Winston… and then…
‘Ask Winston’, an interactive Q&A with Winston.

Jonathan Sandys, Great-Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, says: “I have heard many people attempt to play the role of my great-grandfather, but without hesitation, Randy Otto takes the role to a whole new level. Randy does not attempt to be Winston Churchill, Randy Otto IS Winston Churchill.”

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